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The Northern Resident Orcas and Bringing Corky Home - Livestream

At the tender age of four, Corky, a member of the A5 pod of Northern resident orcas, was captured and taken from her family for use in the theme park industry. Now, at 55 years of age, she is the longest surviving killer whale in captivity. She continues to perform for audiences at SeaWorld San Diego. 

For over twenty years, Michael Reppy has worked with Paul Spong of OrcaLab and with the Free Corky Campaign.  This evening Mr. Reppy will share some of his in-depth knowledge of the Northern resident orcas.  He will also tell us about his work to have Corky released from captivity and brought to a whale sanctuary in Double Bay, Hanson Island, British Columbia so she can retire in her home waters and reconnect with her family.

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Tuesday, 03/23/21


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