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Clean Water - Livestream

Much of the time we take it for granted that we have a safe water. This panel explores the creative ways in which these two organizations provide clean and safe water for those who do not have it.

Jon Kaufman is the Director of H2OpenDoors, a project of Rotary International. Kaufman brings together the best-in-class providers of water purification, smart solar nanogrids and satellite internet technologies to create water and power hubs. The most impoverished villages throughout the world are mentored on creating enterprise through these unique approaches, fostering self reliance rather than continual dependence.

Averil Strasser of Water Charity, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to helping people access clean drinking water and improved sanitation. In 14 years, Water Charity has done more than 6,000 water, sanitation and public health projects in 78 countries. Averil is an RPCV (returned Peace Corps volunteer) who served in Bolivia. In addition, Water Charity is a proud supporter and partner of the National Peace Corps Association.

Frank Price, RPCV Côte d’Ivoire, a Northern California Peace Corps Association East Bay Board representative, will moderate this program.

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Thursday, 10/22/20


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