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Houseplant Care and Maintenance - Livestream


Eric Hupperts is a houseplant enthusiast. He is also a horticulturist at UCBG caring for the Asian Collection, which includes favorites such as begonias, gingers, and rhododendrons. As a child, Eric was enthralled with the family houseplant, a dragon tree (Dracaena marginata) that provided a gateway into the world of nature. Decades later, that same dragon tree continues to greet Eric whenever he visits home.

In this program you’ll get the special opportunity to chat with Eric all about houseplants! Learn and explore the various facets of caring for successful houseplants, touching on topics such as plant selection, long term care including repotting, and how to create your very own Integrated Pest Management plan to deal with those pesky plant pests. Join us for this hour of houseplant glory.

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Thursday, 11/12/20


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UC Botanical Garden

, CA