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DIGITAL DEPUTY ACT: A commitment to digital ethics by Software Professionals - Livestream

California Preposition 24 tries to add more fines, to create more data rules and to approve more agency to over a basically software professional's ethic practice when one creates applications for a client either it is a large or small corporation, or uses consumers' data. DIGITAL DEPUTY ACT is a commitment to digital ethics practice through Optional California State Licensing of Software Professionals.

Software professionals are on the front lines when it comes to developing new online applications for consumers all over the world where regulatory officiating by lawyers, judges and elected officials, especially in terms of data privacy and digital ethics, invariably occurs AFTER the software has been extensively developed.

(Add AI software development experience touching on ethical issues)

DIGITAL DEPUTY ACT is a document of software professional have been encountered and experienced uncertainty or ethical dilemma as guidelines for software professionals.

Speaker: Rafael Baca, Patent Attorney

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Wednesday, 11/18/20


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