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Thanksgiving on Mars: Exploration & Human Missions Beyond Earth Orbit - Livestream

Humankind has always dreamt of traveling to new places and exploring new frontiers.  When the Pilgrims’ arrived in the New World on wooden sailing ships in the 1600’s, they celebrated the first Thanksgiving with Native Americans and began settling into life in their new home.  

Over time, the exploration and settlement on of our continent continued - initially on foot or by covered wagons, later by Transcontinental Railroad, and more recently by airplanes and jets, each time going further and faster using new technology.  Even today, some dream of using rockets to take us to the Moon or Mars, perhaps to establish yet another frontier settlement.   

But before we can celebrate Thanksgiving on a new planet, we’ll need more than just rocket scientists, engineers and daredevils.  Designing human missions to other planets involves taking a broad perspective.  Join us for a far-out and forward-looking adventure beyond Earth.   And maybe some of you can get involved in the effort ahead.  it will take all kinds of experts and lots of teamwork in the coming decades. 

Speaker: Dr. Margaret Race, NASA and SETI

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Tuesday, 11/17/20


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Chabot Space and Science Center

, CA