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Phasing Out Fossil Fuels in Bay Area Buildings - Livestream

California has declared a goal of being carbon-neutral by 2045. To reach that goal, buildings will need to transition to using electricity rather than natural gas. But the state has lagged on enacting the necessary regulatory changes. In that leadership vacuum, the Bay Area has picked up the slack, with more than 30 local governments passing ordinances to promote all-electric new construction. Hear from those leading electrification ordinances in San Francisco, Oakland, and San José, as well as advocates working on state policy, as they discuss the regulation being undertaken in the region’s three largest cities, how the Bay Area is moving building electrification policy forward and how those efforts might galvanize the state to act.

  • Ken Davies / Climate Smart San Jose
  • Barry Hooper / San Francisco Department of the Environment
  • Shayna Hirshfield-Gold / Environmental Services Division City of Oakland
  • Panama Bartholomy / Building Decarbonization Coalition
  • Laura Feinstein / SPUR

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Monday, 11/30/20


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