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Walk with Obi: Coast Redwoods on Fire - Livestream

Take a once-in-a-lifetime virtual walk with Obi Kaufmann as he explores habitat recovery & restoration of a burned coast redwood forest.

The story of the coast redwood is the story of a genetic lineage that stretches back to a time before the dinosaurs. Having evolved over the past several hundred million years to emerge as we find them today, the tallest tree to ever have lived on planet earth, coast redwoods are responsible for unique habitats that harbor a wealth of biodiversity found nowhere else. Although California's mighty redwood forests can survive fire, flood, and a slew of other natural stressors, the onslaught of climate breakdown and a cacophony of other human-made threats presents unprecedented challenges to these precious, irreplaceable ecosystems.

Join Obi Kaufmann, author of The Forests of California (Heyday/September 2020), as he journeys into an old-growth redwood grove, one owned and managed by Sempervirens Fund that burned just a few months ago, to reveal the ecological mechanisms already at work repairing the battered forest. Despite the compounded injuries of fire, fragmentation, climate, and poor-policy, Obi’s profound message of good stewardship and hope as an actionable tool is an important and timely perspective, not only towards the conservation of the forest, but to the future of our own human residency in this beautiful and perilous place, California.

Live Q&A with attendees following the event.

Speaker: Obi Kaufmann

Tuesday, 11/17/20


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$10 General

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