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Phone Home: Waiting for Signs of Life in the Known Universe - Livestream

Jill Tarter

Jill Tarter has spent more than 40 years trying to answer the question, “Are we alone in the universe?” An astronomer and co-founder of the SETI Institute, she was the inspiration for Ellie Arroway, the alien-hunting protagonist made famous by Jodie Foster in the 1997 Robert Zemeckis film adaptation of Carl Sagan’s novel Contact. Join us for Jill’s unique perspective on the search for extraterrestrial life as humanity peers out into the stars to determine who or what might be out there in the universe. But that’s just one part of the inquiry. Because as eager as we might be to get our first look at alien life, ultimately that discovery might reveal as much about ourselves as anything else. Because once we know we are not alone, perhaps we might reflect on what binds us as fellow humans, potentially inspiring us to overcome our differences here on planet Earth.

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Wednesday, 11/18/20


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