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A Grand Tour of Remarkable Exoplanets - Livestream

Exoplanets are everywhere. Astronomers have discovered more 4,000 of them and today we know that in average each star in our galaxy has 2 planets! Among them, 300 million could be habitable. That’s a lot of worlds!

The SETI Institute’s Franck Marchis will give us a tour of the most remarkable exoplanets, those who could be a twin of Earth as well as those weird worlds which are very different to the planets we find in our solar system. Lava worlds, ocean worlds, hot Jupiters, super-Earths? What do those names mean to astronomers?  We will dive into these other worlds and discuss why they are important to scientists who are searching for life.

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Tuesday, 12/08/20


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Chabot Space and Science Center

, CA