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After Dark Online: Fungi


Foraging for fungi? Discover some fun facts about the beautiful, diverse, and curious fungi kingdom, including mushrooms, yeasts, and molds. Wonder at the beauty of microscopic fungi and learn more about the form and function of fungal spores. 

This program features:

The Art of Mushroom and Myxomycete Photography with Alison K. Pollack

Get a close-up look at the intimate, intricate photographs of macro photographer Alison Pollack, who specializes in photographing Myxomycetes and tiny mushrooms barely visible to the naked eye. Searching out her subjects by crawling on the forest floor, magnifying glass in hand, she uses advanced photography techniques to show the incredible detail of these tiny organisms, most only a few millimeters tall. Her goal is to reveal these miniature beauties of the forest in a format that is as much art as science.

The Mushroom Hunters (2019)
Original poem by Neil Gaiman
Read by Amanda Palmer
Animation by Creative Connection Animation Studio

Fascinating Mushroom Spores with Else Vellinga, PhD
The spore is the central unit for fungi reproduction. Learn about the unique ways various species’ spores are released into the world and the variety of shapes and embellishments they comprise, correlating to the mushroom’s size and lifestyle. 

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Thursday, 01/07/21


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