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Vision 2022: Climate & Clean Air Zoomposium #3

Over the past several months, SPUR and Move LA have convened a series of panels laying the foundation for a statewide ballot measure that would generate the funding necessary to accelerate the deployment of climate change-abating transportation, infrastructure and other technologies. In October, we heard from elected officials, environmental luminaries and environmental justice advocates that it is both possible and imperative to build an economy that is both sustainable and equitable. In December, air quality leaders from around the state agreed that a vast overhaul of the transportation sector is needed to achieve California's vital climate and air quality goals.

This January, we’ll focus on the role of, and solutions to, short-lived climate pollutants (SLCPs), powerful climate forcers that remain in the atmosphere for significantly less time than carbon dioxide, yet cause significantly more damage. A direct result of human development, these pollutants include methane emitted by livestock production, black carbon produced by fossil fuel combustion and hydrofluorocarbons used in aerosols and refrigeration. The impact of SLCPs is clear, but so are the solutions. Join us to hear more about the steps that California must take to eliminate these pollutants and move our state sustainably forward.

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Thursday, 01/21/21


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