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What Would US Climate Policy Look Like if People and Planet Truly Mattered? - Livestream


In this talk, Basav Sen will discuss what a progressive internationalist agenda for US climate policy must look like in the years ahead for the US to truly become a good-faith partner to the rest of the world in addressing the climate crisis. He will dispel the myth that “Trump was the sole problem,” and that somehow returning to Obama-era policies will be good enough. He will examine various aspects of how the US engages with the rest of the world on climate - global impact of domestic emissions, US contributions to global climate mitigation and adaptation, US fossil fuel exports, bilateral and multilateral trade agreements, military and national security policy, and immigration - to demonstrate how US policy has always been at odds with true global cooperation and solidarity, and to propose what a truly internationalist climate policy might look like.

Speaker: Basev Sen, Institute for Policy Studies

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Thursday, 03/18/21


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