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Next Stop: How to Build Hyperloop - Livestream

How will people travel in 20 years? Hyperloop is a proposed mode of transportation which consists of pods transported at high speed through the length of low-pressure tubes. These tubes are elevated off the ground due to a lack of air resistance or friction. The concept of using low-pressure or vacuum tubes as part of a transportation system has a long heritage.

Join the conversation with thought-leaders and experts from Silicon Valley and Europe to learn more about the future of transportation and how these new services will be integrated into the urban mobility landscape. We will discuss this with the Swiss Railways, which bring in expertise in tunnel construction and infrastructure, and with Eurotube, a Swiss Startup developing the infrastructure for hyperloop. During the panel, we will discuss how rail and hyperloop can learn from each other and thrive together. Topics like infrastructure heavy project management as well as innovation in mobility will be covered in the live panel as well.

Tuesday, 02/09/21


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