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An Ultra-Compact X-ray Free-Electron Laser - Livestream

James Rosenzweig

Recent advances in high gradient cryogenic Cu structure RF research open the door to use of surface electric fields between 250 and 500 MV/m. Such structures can enable a new generation of photoinjectors with brightness an order of magnitude beyond the state-of-the-art. Further, one may accelerate these beams to GeV scale in ~8 m. Such an injector, when combined with IFEL bunching techniques can produce multi-kA beams with 50 nm-rad emittance. These beams, when injected into short-period (1-10 mm) undulators enable ultra-compact X-ray FELs having university-scale-lab footprints*. We discuss the design and performance of this compact XFEL, which promises photon-per-pulse production a few percent of existing XFELs. In the context of a burgeoning project centered at UCLA to develop this instrument, we review implementation issues including collective beam effects, compact X-ray optics systems, and various technical challenges. To illustrate the potential of such a light source to fundamentally change the current paradigm of XFELs with their limited access, we examine transformative applications in biology, chemistry, materials, and atomic physics.

Speaker: James Rosenzweig, UC Los Angeles

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Monday, 02/08/21


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