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The Genius of Dogs: The New Science of Canine Cognition - Livestream

Vanessa Woods and Brian Hare, researchers at Duke University, explore that question in their sensational new book, SURVIVAL OF THE FRIENDLIEST. It will change the way you think. Hare and Woods are also the coauthors of the New York Times bestselling book THE GENIUS OF DOGS. And they are eager to share what they’ve learned in this special event from Smithsonian magazine.

Why do dogs trust people? Why do we trust dogs? What forces were at work in the distant past to shape our attitude toward dogs - and their attitude toward us? How can we train dogs to be even more productive companions? What do dogs and human kids have in common? And how can being more “friendly” help humans succeed in today’s world?

Join the Duke dog experts as they address these questions and more, for a live presentation hosted by Smithsonian writer-at-large, Jeff MacGregor, author of our recent cover story about our ancient bond with dogs.

We’ll also save time for you to pose your questions.

Wednesday, 02/10/21


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