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SLAC Special Seminar: Sensitivity in Numbers : Scaling Up Superconducting Sensing at the Cosmic Frontier - Livestream

Many Cosmic Frontier efforts must instrument large numbers of superconducting sensors to meet their science goals.  Though superconducting sensors offer unparalleled sensitivity in many applications, historically it has been very difficult to instrument them in the large numbers (hundreds or more) required to exploit their full potential.  Superconducting sensor readout techniques developed by Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) experiments, which have focused on this problem for the past decade, offer a path forward.  These efforts have culminated in the CMB-S4 project, which aims to instrument a global network of CMB receivers with over 500,000 superconducting sensors.  The combined sensitivity of the CMB-S4 receivers will dramatically improve our understanding of fundamental physics, including probing for signatures of primordial gravitational waves produced by inflation in the very early Universe.  I will discuss the superconducting sensor readout techniques, which I have helped to develop, that have made the CMB-S4 project possible, as well as next generation readout technologies we are developing at SLAC.  These next generation technologies have the potential for broad applications beyond CMB detection, including X-ray, gamma-ray, axion, and neutrino detection, 21-cm astronomy, and sub-mm to THz spectroscopy.

Speaker: Shawn Henderson, KIPAC

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Monday, 02/22/21


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SLAC Special Seminar

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