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Wildflowers of the Bay Area - Livestream

Wildflower season in the Bay Area is upon us, but even seasoned hikers and naturalists can get confused by the diversity of beautiful flowers we have in our area. To help us hone or native wildflower knowledge, Peninsula Open Space Trust has invited Andrea Williams, Director of Biodiversity Initiatives at the California Native Plant Society (CNPS), to provide an overview of the most common wildflowers in our area during this free, online webinar. She’ll go over how to identify these flowers, provide some ideas of where to find them, and share interesting natural history details about each. We’ll also share a bit about the work of the California Native Plant Society to protect our state’s amazing plant biodiversity.

After this event, you should be able to go out on your favorite nature walks with a new appreciation for this seasonal miracle. If you’d like an additional resource, check out POST’s wildflower guide. We will leave our guests with an important message to spread to your social networks: tread carefully during wildflower season! Trampling areas of wildflower blooms for photo opportunities is creating long-term damage in some of our state’s most beloved natural areas. Do your part to make sure these natural resources are taken care of for future generations!

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Friday, 03/19/21


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