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Decarbonizing the Grid - The Role of Grid Interconnection - Livestream

Robust long-distance transmission lines (both HVAC and HVDC) will enable delivering clean energy to customers and expanding the ways that clean energy is used. Interregional planning and coordination are usually difficult in the U.S. due to different planning approaches, models, FERC 1000 processes, and market rules among the various RTO/ISOs. On a global scale, international grid interconnection projects are being proposed and developed very actively for efficient and economic use of clean energy.This is the second virtual panel in a series of workshops. It will focus on the role of grid interconnection for decarbonization. Panelists will discuss interregional (international) transmission expansion plan, planning process, as well as social, economic, and geopolitical aspects of large transmission projects.

Panel: Jay Caspary, Grid Strategies LLC; Dimitrios Chaniotis, RTE; Damien Ernst, University of Liege; Liang Min, Moderator, Bits and Watts Initiative, Stanford

Wednesday, 03/03/21


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