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The UC Botanical Garden Tropical House Collection - Livestream

Tropical House

Enter the Tropical House at the UC Botanical Garden and you will be enveloped in a warm and lush environment! Featuring a great diversity of plants from the rainforests of the Americas, Africa, and Asia, this global collection houses both familiar tropical favorites and those that are rare and threatened with extinction. Holly Forbes, Garden Curator and head of our conservation program, will take us on a virtual tour of this collection. We will also explore the exciting project to redesign both the exterior (complete) and interior (underway) of this important greenhouse display with Garden Director Lew Feldman. This program is the kick-off to our 24-hour BIG GIVE fundraising campaign to refurbish our Tropical House. If you love the Tropical House experience, visit our website to learn more and join our efforts!

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Wednesday, 03/10/21


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UC Botanical Garden

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