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In search for the elusive dark matter with the LZ experiment - Livestream

One of the major questions remaining in modern cosmology as well as particle physics is the nature of dark matter which constitutes the majority of the matter content of the universe. Many observations point to its existence but its exact form has remained elusive. A new particle is a likely explanation with Weakly Interacting Massive Particles, WIMPs, a particular favorite due to the mass scale involved. Direct detection experiments can look for interactions of dark matter and standard model particles and liquid Xenon provides a good medium for detecting WIMP interactions. But detecting this new particle requires incredible sensitivity and control of backgrounds, both achieved by the Lux-Zeplin (LZ) experiment. I will describe LZ, currently being commissioned at the Sanford Underground Research Facility. LZ represents over a decade of development; innovating hardware, data handling, software and analysis. I will first introduce the accomplishments of LZ'z predecessor, LUX, previously located on the same site. I will then focus on the R&D effort involved in bringing LZ to life, much of which took place at SLAC where further work continues. Finally, I will provide an update on the progress of LZ commissioning and a sampling of the science we can expect from it.

Speaker: Tomasz Biesiadzinski, SLAC

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Monday, 03/08/21


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SLAC Special Seminar

, CA