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A Journey Through Painted Jewels - Livestream

Lapidary historian Justin K. Prim takes us on an artistic journey through time. Starting in 1380, Justin will look at a painting from each century until the modern day, examining and analyzing the gemstones depicted within. We will discover that it’s possible to extract accurate historical information about gemstones, jewelry, and gemstone cutting through painted works. We will see that jewelry presented in paintings can (and most often does) accurately correlate with existant pieces of jewelry, and we will also discover lapidary trends as well as undocumented cuts. The paintings represent a wide range of artistic styles such as Late Medieval gold leafed altarpiece paintings, portraits by Dutch masters, Italian Renaissance visionaries, Tudor icons, impressionistic portraits, and more modern portraiture. It’s a fun and colorful talk that’s equally historical, beautiful, and informative.

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Friday, 04/02/21


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San Francisco Gem & Mineral Society

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