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Caring for the Uncharismatic: Shining the Spotlight on Indo-Pacific Finless Porpoises, With Lessons Learned from Malaysia - Livestream

The Indo-Pacific finless porpoise is a small cetacean commonly found throughout Southeast Asia's coastal regions. As it lacks a dorsal fin and is often inconspicuous in its surfacing behavior, it does not capture people's attention as dolphins do, thus rendering it rather uncharismatic. It is likely that finless porpoises are more threatened than is generally realized. Scientists, conservationists, and decision-makers alike should be encouraged to pay the species more attention as threats from human activities increase rapidly throughout the species' range. In this webinar cetologist and conservationist, Dr. Louisa Ponnampalam will discuss her work studying and advocating for the finless porpoises in Malaysia. Join us for a special opportunity to learn about a rare and beautiful species.

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Tuesday, 05/25/21


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