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Whole Earth Seminars - The hidden role of bedrock fractures in regulating water and carbon cycling - Livestream

Daniella Rempe

Many landscapes are mantled with thin soils that overlie meters to tens of meters of weathered bedrock. This transition zone between soil and bedrock can be a vital water supply to vegetation and can control rates of groundwater recharge. This weathered rock may also regulate carbon cycling through the action of deep roots, which enhance chemical weathering. Relative to the overlying soils and underlying groundwater, the hydrologic and geochemical dynamics of weathered bedrock are challenging to observe and consequently poorly understood. In this presentation, I will share results from intensive efforts to directly quantify the complex fluid pathways in weathered bedrock and discuss the implications of our monitoring results for Earth system processes.

Speaker: Daniella Rempe, University of Texas at Austin

Zoom information can be found on the EPS advising Google calendar

Tuesday, 05/11/21


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UC Santa Cruz

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