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San Bruno Mountain: Rare Plants & Rare Geology

Our speaker Dr. David Nelson is an orthopedic hand surgeon and a botanist on the weekends. He has just finished a book titled The Natural History of the San Bruno Mountains which will be released in Fall 2022.

San Bruno Mountain is located between Highways 101 & 280 in northern San Mateo County, north of the SF airport, just across the county line south of San Francisco. Six plants grow there that are endemic to the area - they do not grow anywhere else in the world. Limiting factors are the climate, topography and the soils derived from the underlying rocks, examples of the Franciscan Complex geology typical of the California’s Coastal Ranges, and especially of the San Francisco Peninsula. The mountain, an island above a dense sea of buildings and roads, is probably best known for its endangered butterflies including the Mission Blue, and is equally a refuge for the rare plants that provide habitat for these animals.

Learn how and why rare plants are related to the geology they have evolved with.

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Sunday, 05/02/21


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