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Getting Under a Sea Otter’s Skin: The Anatomy of Sensitive Touch - Livestream

Sea otters are in a race against time. To survive, they hunt for clams, crabs, urchins, snails, mussels, and abalone down to 100 feet deep. Otters must work quickly since they can hold their breath for only 1-3 minutes per dive, and their prey is often found in rocky crevices or buried under the sand. Scientists have discovered that sea otters are fast decision makers with the help of their ultra-sensitive paws and whiskers. As a follow-up to that research, scientists explored what’s happening underneath the skin’s surface to enable sea otters’ impressive abilities.

Join Sarah McKay Strobel to explore how the anatomy of skin influences the sense of touch in a hungry sea otter, as well as how researchers interpret clues from anatomy to learn how animals perceive the world.

Speaker: Sarah McKay Strobel, UC Santa Cruz

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Sunday, 05/16/21


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Seymour Science Center

, CA