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Metabolical: The Lure and the Lies of Processed Food, Nutrition and Modern Medicine - Livestream

Food processing isn’t listed on the nutrition facts food label. The label tells you what’s in the food. Critics say this is mostly irrelevant - what you really need to know is what’s been done to the food, and no label tells you that. In this program, Dr. Robert Lustig, UC San Francisco, will expllain nutrition and food science. He says that essentially, all you need to know are two precepts, six words total: 1) protect the liver, 2) feed the gut. Those foods that satisfy both precepts he deems to be healthy; those that do neither are poison, and those that do one or the other are bad (but less bad) - no matter what the USDA and FDA allow to be stated on the package. Only items that meet both of Lustig's criteria qualify as real food - i.e., that hasn’t been stripped of its beneficial properties and sprinkled with toxins that will hasten our demise.

Moderator: Patty James, Nutritionist

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Tuesday, 05/11/21


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