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Talkin' Trash - Myths and Realities of Recycling and Materials Management - Livestream

Why do we recycle?

Recycling has many benefits including:

  • saving energy and water
  • conserving natural resources
  • reducing air and water pollution
  • conserving landfill space
  • reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • assuring the sustainable existence of human life on Earth

Ready to talk trash?! Join Sunnyvale’s very own myth busters, Mark and Karen, to learn about the realities of recycling. Did you know Sunnyvale has its very own sorting facility? Mark and Karen will walk us through the history of Sunnyvale’s Recycling Program and discuss local recycling issues. Curious about composting? Sunnyvale is working on rolling out a citywide FoodCycle (food scraps) Program to follow new California law.

Speakers: Mark Bower and Karen Gissibl, City of Sunnyvale

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Wednesday, 05/19/21


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