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A Little Talk About Aliens: Techno-signatures and the New Science of Life in the Universe

Technosignatures may be coming our way from other stars

Today, the search for intelligent, civilization-building life in the Universe is undergoing a profound renewal. Thanks to the discovery of thousands of planets orbiting other stars, the introduction of new observing technologies, and increased support from both public and private sectors, a new science of searching for “techno-signatures” is emerging. In this talk Dr. Frank will unpack this frontier area, discussing what counts as a techno-signature; how to be systematic in thinking about exo-civilizations and their evolution; what techno-signatures can tell us about our own future.  He believes that within the next few decades we will likely have actual data relevant to the question life, perhaps even the intelligent kind, in the Universe.

Speaker: Dr. Adam Frank of the University of Rochester

Watch the lecture here.

Wednesday, 05/26/21


Geoff Mathews

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