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Bug Week! Noontime Zoom Talk - Backyard Creepy Crawlies - Livestream

Phidippus mystaceus

Do you think spiders are creepy? Most people do, even though the vast majority of spiders (and their relatives like scorpions and mites) are actually beneficial; only a few of these creatures are harmful to humans. Spiders, for example, are the most abundant terrestrial predators on earth and help control pest insects on agricultural crops and around the home. Learn about amazing spider adaptations such as the diversity of their silk structures, how they can 'fly' without wings, and how some catch fish. Join UCBG Docent Jan Washburn to discover the world of spiders and other backyard 'creepy crawlies’.

Speaker: Jan Washburn, UC Berkeley, retired

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Monday, 06/21/21


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UC Botanical Garden

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