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The Long and Short of It: Using Advances in Long and Short Read Sequencing and Assembly Methods for Environmental Microbiology - Livestream

Microbes are all around us. They are tiny, but they are mighty! They affect global elemental cycles, including the carbon and nitrogen cycles, can contribute to global warming, and can affect our water quality. Studying what microbes are doing and their capabilities can help us understand how they affect our environment. However, studying environmental microbes is difficult because often we cannot grow them in the lab. Environmental microbiologists have begun to do metagenomics, which means surveying environmental DNA to find what organisms are present and what they can do based on the genes we can find. Although DNA sequencing can help us study these microbes, assembling complete genomes and analyzing them is difficult due to limitations in the technology and current computational methods.

In this talk I will discuss how advances in sequencing technology and computational methods help us better study microbes and their genomes. I will discuss in particular how long read sequencing, such as PacBio and Oxford Nanopore, help us discover and study new environmental microbes, especially ones we cannot grow in the lab.

Speaker: Lauren Lui, Lawrence Livermore National Lab

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Wednesday, 06/30/21


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