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Untangling Giant Kelp: How Do the Environment and Genetics Shape Giant Kelp Form and Structure? - Livestream

Giant kelp poses a fascinating mystery - this single seaweed species exists in two distinct forms. The two forms - or “ecomorphs” - differ in the shape of their holdfast, the structure of the kelp which anchors it to the seafloor. One ecomorph forms a mound-shaped holdfast as big as a basketball with dense layers of root-like structures, while the other has a flattened holdfast that snakes along the rocky reef like a long piece of taffy. Why does the same species exist in such different forms? Is kelp more influenced by its DNA or by its environment? 

Dive into the kelp forest with Sara Gonzalez, UC Santa Cruz, to learn more about what her underwater research is revealing about the mystery of the giant kelp ecomorphs.

Sunday, 07/18/21


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Seymour Science Center

, CA