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Nerd Nite SF #118: Plants, Signs, and Tokens of the Non-Fungible Variety!

We are back and ready for action, which means presentations and pints for all! There may or may not be a battle of the puns. Come early and get cozy with a drink or two and find out!

ps this may give it away, but submit your puns here to be voted on by an audience of your nerd peers the night of the show.

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“Crime Pays But Botany Doesn’t” with Joey Santore

A low-brow, crass approach to plant ecology & evolution as muttered by a misanthropic Chicago Italian.  Amidst mild profanity and general irreverence, we examine plant life (the base of Earth’s food chain) and the nature of the rocks and soil they grow on, as well as the evolutionary adaptations that enable them to do what they do. 

Joey Santore is the silly schmuck behind Crime Pays But Botany Doesn’t. He enjoys fine taquerias with numerous health code violations, pacing, and very brief walks on the beach.


“(Ghost) Sign of the Times” with Kasey Smith

Ten years ago, artist and ghost sign extraordinaire Kasey Smith started a project to identify, document, research, and map San Francisco’s remaining historical hand painted signs - colloquially known as “ghost signs.” 430+ ghost signs later, the map has reached maturity, and can help provide a unique lens on the continuing saga of San Francisco’s redevelopment. Where are these old signs found? Where are they being revealed? Where are they being destroyed? Where are they being restored? And what larger trends are driving all this flux on the ghost sign map? 

When Kasey is not mapping ghost signs or working on her upcoming book about them, she is creating site specific installations, performances, and art events with a focus on the ephemerality of the cityscape. She lives in Oakland, CA.


“NFTs: Trash or Treasure Chests” with Neranjan Bissoon

Why would people spend so much computer money on a JPEG or a GIF?

You may say probably money laundering or a crypto flex from some Lambo owning tres comma tech founder. The answer is sometimes yes but the potential of NFTs to shape the landscape of art, video games, sex positive communities and more could be immense. Let us journey through the world of blockchain collectibles and discuss some of the current confusion as well as the potential utility behind them. Less how it helps Beeple and more of how things like Play To Earn NFT based games can help people.

Neranjan is a talent agent in the video game industry as well as a blockchain gaming enthusiast, NFT artist, and founder of the blog CatsAndVR. In the past he has been a video game journalist, VR developer, and sex positive filmmaker.


No food offering for this nite, so get your dinner beforehand.

Wednesday, 07/21/21


Nerd Nite SF

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