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Salish Sea Minke Whales: Insights From a 40-Year Study of Photo-ID - Livestream

Minke whales are the most numerous whale species worldwide, yet relatively little is known about this small whale. In the Northeast Pacific, the minke is surprisingly rare despite never being subject to the commercial hunts that other large whale species were. Eleanor Dorsey started the first study of minke whales in the San Juan islands in 1980. This study has since become the longest-running study of the species in the Pacific, if not the world. Data spanning 40 years have been collected through dedicated fieldwork and sightings and photos donated by enthusiastic naturalists and whale watch captains, providing insights into individual presence, distribution, habitat use, and foraging ecology. This talk will summarize some of this work and present the latest findings on long-term individual presence, highlighting the importance of the Salish Sea to minke whales in the Northeast Pacific.

Speaker: Dr. Frances Robertson, Marine Program Coodrinator, San Juan County, Washington

Tuesday, 08/24/21


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