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A robot CHIP (COVID Help Intelligent Patro) to enforce social distance & serve - Livestream

The entire world is hurting because of COVID-19. We must stop its spread, stabilize its curve, and make better preparations for future outbreaks. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, counties have published safety guidelines that prompt people to socialize responsibly, and several cities are instituting social distancing circles in public parks. Many people disregard these guidelines, and enforcing them increases the burden on law enforcement. Few nations have started using Boston Dynamics' Spot robot to enforce social distancing guidelines; Spot is not a helper robot; it is an enforcer robot and quite expensive.

My robot, CHIP (COVID Help Intelligent Patro) is a cost-effective public safety helper robot to assist law enforcement officers in ensuring that people socialize safely in parks during the pandemic by reminding them of the city/county guidelines and providing hand sanitizers, temperature readings, and emergency contact ability.

Built using a combination of EV3, Arduino, Microbit, sensors, and motors; this robot works both in autonomous and remote-controlled mode. The robot was tested on a test-bed with social distancing squares for operational accuracy with different starting points and run-time duration. Design iterations based on the test result helped C.H.I.P achieve 83.7% accuracy, which shows incredible promise. Due to its high success rate and low-cost of about $250, C.H.I.P can effectively be used in high-population areas for infectious disease control and public safety. The practical applications of this device are enormous. Law enforcement officers, security personnel, corporate offices, corrections officers can all program C.H.I.P to meet their custom enforcement and public safety needs.

Speaker: Serena Ghandi, Cabrillo Middle School

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Wednesday, 08/18/21


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