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How Your Family Can Land on Mars and Explore the Solar System - Using NASA’s Solar System Treks - Livestream

Right now, NASA’s Perseverance rover is beginning its epic exploration of the ancient lakebed in Mars’ Jezero Crater while the Curiosity rover continues its investigations in Gale Crater. Using NASA’s Mars Trek data visualization portal, we’ll fly to Jezero and examine up close the amazing terrain that is Perseverance’s new home. We will then journey out across the Martian surface to explore some of the planet’s more exotic and exciting locations and landforms.

Also now, NASA is planning its return to the Moon with the Artemis Program, featuring a bold mix of robotic and human missions to the Moon. Using NASA’s Moon Trek data visualization portal, we will tour some of the key locations targeted for upcoming missions to the lunar surface.

After our tour of Mars and the Moon, we will continue our adventure using additional Trek portals to explore amazing sites and sights on a diverse range of alien worlds across the Solar System. We’ll explore ice volcanos on Ceres, signs of awesome destruction on Vesta, eruptive centers on Mercury, boulder fields on near-Earth asteroids, and ocean worlds of the outer solar system.

NASA’s Solar System Treks project produces a suite of online, interactive visualization and analysis portals.  These tools enable mission planners, planetary scientists, and engineers to access data products and analyze data from a wide range of instruments aboard a variety of past and current missions, for a growing number of planetary bodies. Originally planned for mission planning and science, this technology has shown great benefits for public outreach. As we tour the Solar System in this presentation, you will get an introduction to the portals and how you can use them, at home, for free, to conduct your own exciting explorations across the Solar System.

Speaker: Brian Day, NASA

Wednesday, 08/18/21


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