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Visualizing a Better Future: Celebrating Andries van Dam - Livestream

Do you watch animated movies or play video games? Do you click on a digital link or image to see more? Do you puzzle over the ethical use of computer technology?

If so, you can thank - in part - computer scientist and professor Andy van Dam.

Van Dam has devoted his life’s work to revolutionizing how people and ideas connect through computers, how people and computers connect through interactive graphics, how scholars connect through digital humanities education, and how technology and society can connect in ways that are good for humanity.

In his five-decade career, van Dam has:

  • Helped pioneer computer graphics and hypertext.
  • Coauthored with Jim Foley a field-defining book on computer graphics that for thirty years has been used by hundreds of thousands around the world.
  • Advanced digital humanities and other uses of computers in education.
  • Taught more than 10,000 students at Brown University. Eight became chairs of leading computer science departments, influencing generations of students. Many have impacted entertainment and business as leaders at Pixar, Microsoft, Adobe and other companies.

Van Dam Joins Other Pioneers

For a lifetime of contributions to computer graphics, hypertext, and education, van Dam will be inducted as a CHM 2021 Fellow, joining other visionaries such as NASA mathematician and "hidden figure" Katherine Johnson, World Wide Web creator Tim Berners Lee, and software pioneer Rear Admiral Grace Hopper.

Here’s what you’ll experience:

  • Be inspired by van Dam’s story, from surviving an internment camp to discovering his life’s work to his recent “Call to Arms” about the most critical tech issues today.
  • Hear personal stories and tributes from van Dam’s close colleagues and former students.
  • Watch computer graphics artists create new images and visualizations using state-of-the-art tools.
  • Explore current computing ethics issues from today’s thought leaders and experts.
  • Add your voice by participating in real-time polls or by recording a video tribute, call to action, or idea for inspiration.

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Thursday, 09/23/21


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