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Search for Life Outside the Solar System - Livestream

Are we alone or is the universe teeming with life? The search for life beyond the Solar System is one of the most compelling - and ambitious - efforts humanity has ever undertaken. Thousands of exoplanets, planets outside our Solar System, are currently known, and some of them may possess the right conditions for life. However, we will not be able to visit any of these worlds for the foreseeable future. How then will we be able to remotely determine the presence or absence of life over the immense gulf of interstellar space? Join Prof. Edward Schwieterman to learn about the science of exoplanet biosignatures, the future missions and observatories that may detect these biosignatures, and how studying the Earth today and in the deep geologic past will aid us in the search for life beyond our own planet.

Speaker: Edward Schwieterman, UC Riverside

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Thursday, 08/26/21


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UC Riverside

, CA