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The Amazing Wildlife of Cape Cod

What makes Cape Cod so unique? Miles of beautiful sand-swept coastline and an abundance of wildlife inspires visitors to flock from all over the world annually. At this special Birdy Hour, learn about the Cape's Great White Shark population, where White Sharks come closer to the shore than anywhere else in the world. The waters surrounding Cape Cod host over 300 individual Great White Sharks during the summer and fall months. Cape Cod Bay and the North Atlantic are also the wintering feeding grounds for nearly the entire population of North Atlantic Right Whales. Sadly, less than 400 individuals exist. Stephanie will also discuss sea turtle strandings and charismatic bird species unique to the Northeast, and will touch upon two conservation success stories - the localized recovery of Osprey and Bald Eagles. In 2021, Bald Eagles nested for the first time on Cape Cod in over 100 years!

Speaker: Stephanie Ellis, Wild Care

Wednesday, 09/22/21


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