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SkeptiCal 2021 - Livestream


In its 11th year, SkeptiCal 2021 brings stimulating and entertaining speakers to a nation-wide audience of science fans, critical thinkers, and, in the words of Carl Sagan, questioners of “extraordinary claims”. Join us for two stimulating days of speakers, interviews, and discussions. And - test your wits on a round of Skeptical trivia, and try your hand at SkeptiCal’s popular Skepardy! game.

Register at weblink.  Schedule of speakers here.

Talks include:

  • Real vs Unfounded Concerns about COVID-19 Vaccines. Speaker: Paul Offit
  • The Fiction of Memory. Speaker: Elizabeth Loftus, UC Irvine
  • Fake doctor. Real harm. Confessions of a former naturopathic doctor. Speaker: Britt Marie Hermes, former naturopathic doctor.
  • A conversation with Maria Konnikova
  • Big Bad Pharma, the FDA, and the reasons why a new Alzheimer’s drug should never have been approved. Speaker: Rachel Dunlop, Brain Chemistry Labs
  • Déjà Voodoo: Or How to Start Your Own Cult. Speaker: Ross Blocher, Podcaster
  • Fighting Pseudoscience at Scale: How to Take on the Juggernauts of Woo. Speaker: Thomas Westbrook, Holy Koolaid LLC

Registrants will receive connection information prior to the event.

Saturday, 10/23/21

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SkeptCal 2021

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