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SkeptiCal 2021 - Livestream

In its 11th year, SkeptiCal 2021 brings stimulating and entertaining speakers to a nation-wide audience of science fans, critical thinkers, and, in the words of Carl Sagan, questioners of “extraordinary claims”. Join us for two stimulating days of speakers, interviews, and discussions.  Test your wits on a round of Skeptical trivia, and try your hand at SkeptiCal’s popular Skepardy! game.

Register at weblink.  Schedule of speakers here.

Talks include:

  • Real vs Unfounded Concerns about COVID-19 Vaccines. Speaker: Paul Offit
  • The Fiction of Memory. Speaker: Elizabeth Loftus, UC Irvine
  • Fake doctor. Real harm. Confessions of a former naturopathic doctor. Speaker: Britt Marie Hermes, former naturopathic doctor.
  • A conversation with Maria Konnikova
  • Big Bad Pharma, the FDA, and the reasons why a new Alzheimer’s drug should never have been approved. Speaker: Rachel Dunlop, Brain Chemistry Labs
  • Déjà Voodoo: Or How to Start Your Own Cult. Speaker: Ross Blocher, Podcaster
  • Fighting Pseudoscience at Scale: How to Take on the Juggernauts of Woo. Speaker: Thomas Westbrook, Holy Koolaid LLC

Registrants will receive connection information prior to the event.

Sunday, 10/24/21

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