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Laser-Based Phase Contrast in Transmission Electron Microscopy

We have recently shown that laser-based, quantum-coherent manipulation of free electrons can help overcome long-standing problems in electron microscopy, specifically cryo-EM.

Our Laser Phase Plate has demonstrated a near-ideal contrast transfer function, but the current implementation still suffers from an increased amount of chromatic and spherical aberration that arises from the needed electron optics to match the size of the electron diffraction pattern to the one of the laser beam. We are set to build a new generation that will compensate for these aberrations by adding a gun monochromator as well as aberration correction.

Together with advances in direct electron detectors, we hope that this will make it possible to extract all information that is present in the electron beam at the Standard Quantum Limit.

Speaker: Holger Mueller, UC Berkeley

Friday, 10/15/21


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