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The Water-Energy Nexus: Driving Equitable Climate Solutions - Livestream

There is a strong link, often referred to as the water-energy nexus, between water, energy, and the climate crisis. Reducing energy demand - and thereby reliance on fossil fuels - is necessary to drive the clean energy transition forward. Better water management can play a key role in driving down energy demand and its associated climate pollution. Join us to hear from a diverse set of speakers who will discuss how climate change is exacerbating the impacts of California water mismanagement on vulnerable communities. This webinar will also address how the state, local governments, community choice agencies, water agencies, and the private sector must work together to holistically address interrelated water, energy, climate, and equity challenges.

Panel: Martha Davis, Inland Empire Utilities Agency, retired; Robert Wilkinson, UC Santa Barbara; Amanda Monaco, Leadership Counsel; Eddie Valero, Board of Supervisors, Tulare County; Gabe Ruiz, Central Coast Community Energy; Heather Cooley, Pacific Institute

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Thursday, 10/14/21


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