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Two Talks: Popping the Science Bubble - Livestream

CSI: Supernova, the Death of a Star

Stars live for millions upon millions of years in a (for the most part) calm and steady fashion. Yet, when a star’s life ends, it escalates to outshining its entire galaxy (a collection of trillions of stars) by many thousands of times in a fraction of a moment in a brilliant and cataclysmic event known as a supernova. These explosions can tell us valuable information about the star itself: how it lived, what it was like, or potentially how far away it is. As astronomers, we investigate these ‘crime scenes’ of the deaths of stars and put together evidence to recreate the story of the star.

Speaker: Daniel Brethauer, UC Berkeley

Quantum chemistry in modern service to X-ray science

Every day, we are faced with decisions. When meeting a few friends for morning coffee, you decide on the best route and flexibly make changes based on the current conditions. This ability comes, in part, from the hippocampus of the brain, a region linked to both memory and space. However, navigating your social network when you arrive is also thought to engage the hippocampus. In this talk, I will discuss exciting work exploring the hippocampus as the cartographer of our experiences, providing an internal organization of our knowledge about the world.

Speaker: Eric Knudsen, Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute

Tuesday, 10/19/21


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Berkeley Public Library

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