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Language and Behavior Change - Livestream

BJ Fogg

One surprising barrier to improving our habits is the English language. Our vocabulary for behavior change is impoverished. And frankly, I don’t know why. On one hand, we have common words (like reward and habit) that are ambiguous. On the other hand, we lack English words for important behavior-related concepts and processes. I’ve grappled with these limitations over the last 12 years, as I’ve coached over 40,000 people in habit formation. In this talk I will share some common examples, explain why they are problematic, and share ways I’ve tried to address these challenges by coining new words. To promote a better technical vocabulary, I’ve compiled a glossary of key terms in Behavior Design, which I will share during this talk.

Speaker: B. J. Fogg, Stanford Medical School

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Monday, 01/24/22


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