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Burrowing Owls of the South Bay Area - Livestream


On the open grasslands and hillsides of the South Bay Area lives an elusive little bird that likes to live part of its life underground - the Burrowing Owl!

Join Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST), Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation Center (WERC), and Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority (OSA) as we host Burrowing Owl researchers Phillip Higgins and Sandra Menzel of Talon Ecological Research Group for a free online webinar where you will learn all about this amazing local species, and efforts to support them!

Much like other raptors, this small, long-legged owl eats a variety of foods including insects and small rodents. But instead of a nest, the burrowing owl has the interesting habit of digging a burrow or taking up residence in the burrows of ground squirrels or other burrowing animals. Life has sometimes been hard for burrowing owls, as much of their preferred habitats have been swallowed up by development. But thankfully, due to habitat and population recovery projects, Burrowing Owls still have a solid foothold in our local lands.

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Thursday, 01/20/22


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