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Science on Tap - Improving Groundwater Supply and Quality in California: Challenges and Opportunities

Due to increased fresh water demand, shifts in land use, and climate change, California is increasingly dependent on groundwater, particularly in times of drought when surface water resources are scarce. This has led to aquifer overdraft, contributing to land subsidence, loss of storage capacity, and decreases in water quality. Managed aquifer recharge (MAR), in which surface water is infiltrated into shallow aquifers for later use, is a strategy that can help to replenish groundwater supplies. Water used for MAR can come from a number of sources such as diverted surface flows, hillslope runoff, or treated wastewater. Source water quality can vary and can potentially contain contaminants that threaten groundwater quality. However, MAR systems can also improve groundwater quality through dilution and biogeochemical cycling of contaminants. In this talk, I will discuss the current water resource challenges California is facing, and the opportunities for improving groundwater resources using MAR systems.

Speaker: Jennifer Pensky, UC Santa Cruz

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Wednesday, 01/26/22


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