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The Road from Semiconductors to Metals: Engineering Topological States in Nanographene - Livestream

Our group has recently demonstrated the rational design and experimental realization of graphene nanoribbon (GNR) superlattices that host a 1D array of symmetry-protected topological states, thus generating otherwise inaccessible electronic structure.

This new class of materials can be thought of as an extended form of poly-acetylene wherein highly localized half-filled topological states replace the familiar single occupied p-orbitals along a conjugated -system. Experimental results and first-principles calculations reveal that the frontier band structure of these GNR superlattices is defined purely by the coupling between adjacent topological interface states and can be tuned all the way from a semiconductor and a metal.

This novel manifestation of 1D topological phases presents an entirely new route to band engineering in 1D materials based on precise control of their electronic topology, and is a promising new platform for future studies of 1D quantum spin physics and metallicity in low dimensional carbon nanomaterials.

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Friday, 01/21/22


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