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The Race to Free Washington’s Last Orca in Captivity - Livestream

Join the American Cetacean Society, San Francisco Bay Chapter for an inspiring presentation by Howard Garrett, founder of Orca Network. Mr. Garrett will speak about his organization’s efforts to return Southern resident killer whale, Tokitae, to her native habitat. Tokitae (“Toki”) was captured from the L pod in 1970 at about age 4 and delivered to a Miami marine park. Toki has not only survived almost 52 years confined in the same tiny tank, she's miraculously maintained her courage and gentle nature to this day.

Now the economics and politics around her are changing rapidly, although much of the press coverage about her is missing both her astounding resilience and a series of dramatic developments. The Miami Seaquarium where she is held now has a new owner. The USDA has required that the whale stadium must remain closed, and a new nonprofit organization, Friends of Lolita, is in charge of Toki's future. The new group was founded by a philanthropist and includes Lummi tribal elder Raynell Morris and cetologists Diana Reiss and Roger Payne. As of mid-April, nothing has been announced about moving Tokitae to a sea pen sanctuary, but the only option yet proposed is in the San Juan Islands, her native habitat. Join us to learn more about her current status and the next possible steps.

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Tuesday, 05/24/22


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