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Do Humans Have What it Takes to Thrive in this Universe? - Livestream

Sandra Faber

Modern astronomy is revealing the story of our cosmic origins -- where the Galaxy came from, how the Sun and Earth were formed, and how the elements in our bodies were forged in stars and later gathered to form “us”. We are now poised to use that knowledge to predict Earth’s cosmic future, and it looks bright ahead - one billion years (more or less) of a future livable planet. However, one question then glows in stark relief: does our human species - honed by natural selection - have the makings to thrive on a cosmic time scale? In this lecture, Prof. Faber will share her perspective as a cosmologist, and sketch her vision for what we humans need to do to seize this incredible opportunity.

Speaker: Winner of the National Medal of Science, Sandra Faber is Professor Emerita of Astronomy & Astrophysics at UC Santa Cruz.

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Wednesday, 05/25/22


Foothill Astronomy

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