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NightSchool: Into the Mangroves - Livestream


Against all odds, mangrove forests seemingly do it all. Learn how these amazing coastal ecosystems transform hot, muddy, salty swamps into thriving nurseries for marine life and above-ground habitat for other wildlife - and do more of their fair share of carbon storage.


  • Dr. Cinda Scott, Center Director at The School for Field Studies in Panamá, introduces us to the beauty and wonder of mangroves - and the work being done at the intersections of marine biology, conservation, and social science to save mangrove forests in a rapidly changing world.
  • Dr. Mayda Nathan, Communications Associate with the Ecological Society of America, takes us above water for a closer look at the insect (and other arthropod) life finding homes in mangrove branches.
  • Dr. Octavio Aburto, photographer and professor at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, delves into the ecological history and mystery of a population of red mangroves that grow along the San Pedro Mátir River in the Yucatan Peninsula, over 100 miles from their usual coastal habitat.

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Thursday, 05/19/22


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